Rainbow Children Day Camp @ Pegasus Ranch & Healing Centre
Dec 12 @ 10:00 am – 4:30 pm

rainbow swirl


Do you want your children to be understood for Who they are?
Do you believe your children have Special Gifts to be shared?
Do you want your children to Know they are worthy and are Our Future?
Do your children have a right to a Safe, Nurturing Environment?

Rainbow Warriors is a place for You and Your Children

What We’ll Discover:
Gifts of the Silent Rainbow
Design Your Super Hero Self
Crystal with Elements
Healing for All
Drumming & Singing Bowls
Art Expression

Rainbow Warrior Leaders:
Miss Terry
As a Mom, my eyes became open to possibilities that I never knew existed.  As I capture the Sparkle of a child’s eye, I Know “Good Is Possible”.  Fulfillment is mine by the sound of children laughing.  I look forward to what is possible in each and every individual, as we Grow & Educate ourselves through Rainbow Warriors.

Miss Terry Miss Sherry
Miss Sherry
As the Space Holder of Pegasus Ranch, I Am excited to extend the Summer Day Camp into a Full Yearly Program now known as Rainbow Warriors.  My heart is radiating Love to see and know that it is all about the future of and for the children, young and old. Let us begin with Love and Grow Peace Everywhere.



  Peace for the Children of the Future.

We all must listen to what the children know, give them a place to be open in their expression.

Hold a firm foundation that is safe from all harm.

This is what Pegasus Ranch is all about .

Won’t you join us?

With great Love and Light Sherry & all at Pegasus Ranch


New Moon Reflection @ Pegasus Ranch & Healing Centre
Dec 12 @ 7:00 pm – 9:30 pm

New moon

New Moon Reflection

Gather together to gain energies of reflection inward, honoring sacred temple of self.
Open to be ME! What is possible thru ME?

Smudge starts 6:45pm inside
Join sacred circle inside.
What to bring? Water bottle, drum, shakers, etc
Donation $20.00 pp under 18 free
All women/girls to wear long skirts or sarong to represent the feminine energies.
Men are so welcome and are the balance of the energies.

If you have sacred objects you want to have infused with the energies

you are welcome to bring them to the circle once you have smudged them. Crystals etc

           Extra drums, shakers and sarongs are available for use.

Winter Solstice Ceremony @ Pegasus Ranch & Healing Centre
Dec 21 @ 2:00 pm – 6:00 pm

Together we will call in all directions honoring all our relations creating sacred space.
We will pray and ask what are the possibilities as we go forth in the new light of 2016.
We will meditate and drum for our visions and messages to be clear.
This ceremony will be conducted by Okamowskoo
with guidance from White Buffalo Calf Woman.
The pipe will be passed for peace and answered prayers.
Upon registration you will be directed on protocol and what to bring.

We will have a potluck sharing of food to celebrate with the Grandmothers of Truth and Love!!


Full Moon Drumming @ Pegasus Ranch & Healing Centre
Dec 26 @ 7:00 pm – 9:30 pm

Let Go into the fire all that does not serve you !!!


Community we stand.

Community we stand.



As you join in sacred space and begin to beat the drum your heart begins to remember this loving safe place.
All heaviness, all conditions, all worries, all grief, all emotions that are not in the heart space are ready to let go as the full moon energy supports the re-leasement into the fire,the drum beat fills in the spaces with love.
It all happens in the vibration of love and new birth.
Pegasus Ranch Full Moon ceremony assists all in this place of being your heart based self. 

Smudge begins 6:00pm- 6:00 pm Start time is 7:00 pm   

Once circle is established there is no late entry for the sake of all who created sacred circle.

All women Please wear a sarong or something to exhibit the Power of your feminine vibration in Love & Wisdom. * no perfumes*

What to bring? 

  • lawn chair and water bottle
  • blanket, dress for the weather conditions
  • a song, a poem or story to share

Following the fire we gather for a warm drink & snack. All are welcome

Please note: You do not need a drum to participate, I have a few to share as well as shakers etc. Just call

If weather is an issue we will drum in the centre in sacred circle.