New Moon Ceremony @ Pegasus Ranch & Healing Centre
Sep 29 @ 7:00 pm – 9:30 pm

home4New Moon Ceremony

We will be passing the pipe, messages will come forth from your prayer bundles.

Smudge starts 6:00pm Circle closes 7:00pm
Join sacred circle inside.
What to bring? Water bottle, drum, shakers, etc
Donation $25.00 pp under 18 free, snack to follow
All women/girls to wear long skirts or wrap to represent the feminine energies.
Men are so welcome in honorable balance of the energies.

If you have sacred objects you want to have infused with the energies bring them to the circle after smudging.

           Extra drums, shakers & sarongs are available for use.You are asked to make your prayer bundles and if you need the teaching just ask.

Full Moon & New Moon Ceremonies run each month.

Register with Sherry 403-638-1643 text or email


Oh Grandmother I AM 7 Past 7 Future I AM @ Pegasus Ranch & Healing Centre
Sep 30 @ 12:00 pm – Oct 2 @ 1:00 pm

Grandmas tree

This retreat is about reflecting how the 7 generation principal applies to you & what you can do to impact life.


“The thickness of your skin (tree trunk) shall be seven spans (tree branches) — which is to say that your heart shall be filled with peace, good will and your mind filled with a yearning for the welfare of the people. Past 7 generations are the roots that have lead you to this place.

Sherry (Okamowskoo) will share in meditation & guide you as you journey your 7 generations, Past (roots) & Future (branches). Recognizing our own Tree of Life and where we stand. We will walk the land as we carry the printed cloth representing the feminine energy, delivering the essence to Great Grandmother Tree. Drumming ceremony, song & dance we will fly the energy forward with Great Eagle & all our relations. The Peace Pipe will carry our prayers & offering.

Lois Warnock, psychic artist will have prepared each canvas with the color energy for you with outlined tree as she assists you in creating your Tree of Life.

Register now with $100.00 deposit
Call Sherry 403-638-2398
Text 403-638-1643
Balance 275.00 due at time of Retreat
Email transfer/MC/Visa/Cash

Retreat includes lodging, art supplies, healthy snacks
Each participant is asked to bring appetizer food for Fri. eve.& potluck main dish for Sunday Celebration.
All other meals supplied.

Grandma tree SherryOh Grandmother, Great Grandmother
I enter the circle to dance with you.
Oh Grandmother,Great Grandmother
Tell me your stories.
Help me understand your ways.
Oh Grandmother,Great Grandmother
I AM the stories. I AM the dance.
Oh Grandmother, Great Grandmother
I sing our songs, I dance our dance
I AM Grandmother.
Oh Grandmother, Great Grandmother
We are one with the children,
We are one in freedom,
We are one in love,
We are one in Peace
We are one with ALL Our Relations
Oh Grandmother, Great Grandmother
We enter the circle to dance.

Grandmother Tree

How to Read Cards Personal & Professional @ Pegasus Ranch & Healing Centre
Oct 9 @ 10:00 am – 4:30 pm

card Reading class





Reading Cards Personal & Professional
Join Sherry as she goes over the formula that has been most successful in bringing messages to clients thru card readings in person and over the phone.
2 Classes Offered Sept 18 & Oct 9/16
Sunday 10:00- 4:30pm
Pegasus Ranch & Healing Center 17 km W to RR 71
$55.00 for 1 class or take 2 classes $80.00. Next class TBA
Register with Sherry @Text 403-638-1643 email
OR call house 403-638-2398
(If you have a credit for mediumship classes you can attend under that credit.)
Every card deck has a way to help you and encourage you BUT we all need practice, support and confidence when we are first starting.
There are skills to learn and ways of educating ones self with intuition and mediumship principals.
We will follow the formula of;
What is the message leading up to today?
What is the message Here & Now?
What is the message going forward?
What other messages are helpful to _____ highest good?
Learning How To;
How to prepare space for vibrational clarity in the Light for the Light.
How to call forth or know your team of helpers who serve the light.
How to communicate with your team for guidance and clear signs.
How to trust and have confidence with intuition and abilities.
How to discern the information and bring forth proof & evidence.
How to BE the conduit & channel for the highest good of the client.
How to heal & clear any & all things that keep the client from their perfection and highest good for the reading.
How to hold the confidence and integrity of the reading for the client.
How to look for signs and repetitive information.
How to converse with the client without bringing yourself into the information and messages.
How to translate symbols and numbers into information.
How to do a professional reading and why you are unique.
Confidence builds with practice so we will be doing lots of break out sessions.
Bring your own deck or decks.
I encourage using one of John Holland Psychic decks (there are 2)
I will have some decks here for sale at a reduced class rate.
We will explore using 1 deck and then multiple decks
Bring a lunch and wear comfy clothes.
This is a 2 part class but will be informative separate or together.
You will be encouraged to do 10 readings between these 2 classes.
Would you like to work towards a certificate? Ask about these requirements?
I am here to hold a space for your gifts to develop into your skills.
* If you can not make these class dates and are interested please let me know.
Pegasus Ranch & Healing Centre

Full Moon Drumming @ Pegasus Ranch & Healing Centre
Oct 16 @ 7:00 pm – 9:30 pm

Embrace the Light @ Full Moon


Community we stand.

Community we stand.



As you join in sacred space and begin to beat the drum your heart begins to remember this loving safe place.
Full Moon energy supports the re-leasement of anything and all things that no longer serve YOU into the fire, the drum beat fills in the spaces with love.
It all happens in the vibration of love and new birth. Freedom IS!!!
Pegasus Ranch Full Moon ceremony assists all in this place of being your heart based self. 

Smudge begins 7:00pm Circle closes at 7:30 pm   

Once circle is established there is no late entry for the sake of all who created sacred circle.

All women Please wear a sarong or something to exhibit the Power of your feminine vibration in Love & Wisdom. * no perfumes*

What to bring? 

  • lawn chair and water bottle
  • blanket, dress for the weather conditions
  • a song, a poem or story to share

Following the fire we gather for a warm drink & snack. All are welcome

Please note: You do not need a drum to participate, I have a few to share as well as shakers etc. Just call

If weather is an issue we will drum in the centre in sacred circle.


New Moon Cancelled Pegasus Ranch Oct only
Oct 30 all-day
Beyond Reiki @ Pegasus Ranch & Healing Centre
Nov 4 – Nov 6 all-day







Add your healing skills and certification to this retreat.

On hands practice with all levels of Reiki, includes attunements at all Levels.

What do you want to practice into the confidence and knowing?

Where can you have a workshop designed to your needs? Right here at Pegasus Ranch with Sherry.

Heal with color, sound and intention.

How do I heal at a distance? How do I work with animals? How do I go about offering my services as a business?

Activate a crystal grid for healing and intention for light light light.

Learn how to hold your sacred space and BE the anchor of LIGHT.

Workbook, certificates, ceremonial grid included.

Limited registration max 6.

Included is your lodging, water, tea, linens.

Drumming and nature experience also included.

All registrants will receive a healing with Sherry the Friday upon arrival.

If this retreat is for you upon registration you will be asked for 3 areas that you want to cover and become confident in.

Bring your own meals, potluck dinner Sat eve